Dr. Mel B. Yoken, Chancellor Professor of French, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

My wife, friends and I recently attended Annie Royer’s Edith Piaf Show, and the chanteuse, accompanied by her talented band, Les Garcons Musettes, truly captivated and wowed the responsive audience. What an impact! Royer, the elegant cabaret performer who constantly strives for quintessential refinement, gave Piaf’s all-consuming, expressive songs just the right passion and brio to touch the heart–and soul. Her strong voice and professional stage presence, like good French vintage wine, get better and better with the passing of time.

Succinctly stated, Annie Royer, donning both black and blond wigs and belting out such Piaf signature songs as “La Vie en Rose,” and “Non, Je ne regrette rien,” was at her regal apogee!
I loved every minute of it. Piaf would have, too!.

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