November 15
Annie and Les Garçons Musette at Shell Point Country Club Fort Myers Florida

October 14
A Night in Paris at the Moulin Rouge Let’s Cancan Annie Royer and Les Garçons Musette
212 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA 02139
Reservations Required: $28 – Please reserve your seat.
BUY TICKETS NOW at Jazz Elite Production 561-792-6189 or Ryles www.rylesjazz.com

August 13
French Cabaret at The Vinegar Hill Music Theatre in Kennebunk Maine Show 6:30pm
Reservation at www.vinegarhillmusictheatre.com

July 15
The day after Bastille day 101 North Clematis West Palm Beach

July 14
Bastille Day at Cafe L’Europe 3315 S County Road Palm Beach

May 15 – June 29
International Tour in France and Switzerland

March 9
An Evening with Annie Royer Yacht Racquet Club 2711 North Ocean Boca Raton

February 14
Valentine’s Day 1100 Ocean Ave Palm Beach Private party